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Rock Climbing at Donner Summit

Many rock climbers know about the easily accessed, high-quality granite routes found along Old Highway 40 on the Western end of Truckee, collectively known as ...

Beginner Rock Climbing in Squamish, B.C. Best Crags for the Novice Climber Near Vancouver, Canada

Squamish, British Columbia (B.C.), dubbed “The Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada”, is a world-class rock climbing destination with the granite monolith, ...

Hiking in Rattlesnake Country: How to Identify and What to Do When Encountering a Snake

Rattlesnakes are a common feature in the western United States. Hikers could potentially come across one while on the trail, so knowing what to do can be ...

Things to Do in Oregon: Smith Rock State Park

Sparrows and golden eagles dip and soar around the jagged peaks of the cliffs. Climbers from all over the world scale the towering slabs of tan, cinnamon, red, ...

U.S.A. National Public Lands Day, 2009: An Opportunity to Get Outdoors and Give Back to the National Parks

This Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009, will mark the 16th annual National Public Lands Day in the United States. Originated in 1994, this nationally recognized day ...

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