Climbing Ideas for Rainy Days: Tip for Rock Climbers Looking for Gear and Beta Online

So it is supposed to be a nice, fall day. All of the gear is packed in the car, ready to go, and the schedule has been cleared so that the whole day is available to climb. However, just as the garage door opens that beautiful fall day has turned into a rainy, cold, ugly Saturday.

If it isn’t possible to get one’s climbing fix, here are a few ideas that can work for those rainy days.

Finding Beta on the Internet

Looking to do some research on new climbing sites? A great research tool is, a website with a catalog of climbing areas and routes, with photographs and descriptions. For instance, the site will list a route with its name, grade, and the number of ascents. There is also a section where the climb is rated on a five-star system. Click on the route and the site also includes directions on how to climb it plus reviews from previous climbers.

Shopping for Gear

There are several online retailers that have rock climbing equipment available to purchase. There are also specialty websites that cater specifically to climbers. One such site is This site has an array of climbing clothing and equipment, with a special sales section for discounted items. Do not forget to visit the website of the local climbing shop, and help support local businesses.


While on the internet, the Access Fund is worth checking out. The Access Fund is a non-profit organization that advocates for climbers and seeks to preserve climbing areas from development as well as keeping those areas open for climbing. They also have a calendar of events, including presentations and regional activities.


Just because the weather isn’t cooperating doesn’t mean one can’t practice. For instance, try learning a new knot while sitting in front of the TV, perhaps while watching a climbing video for inspiration! A climber can also organize equipment, practice tying multi-directional anchors off of furniture, such as table legs, or curl up with a good climbing book.

Hit the Gym

If the climbing itch is so great that the only way to quench it is to climb, there is the local climbing gym to feed the need. Pulling on plastic is not the same as real rock, but it is better than nothing, and there are some great climbing gyms out there. has a listing of climbing gyms and walls not just in the United States but in other countries as well. That way, no matter where in the world or what the weather, there is always a way to get out and climb.